PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT for converting flexible packaging
SINCROCLEAN patented automatic pumping and washing system
bi-2 mixer doser for adhesives without solvents
bi-2 mixer MINI solvent dispenser, compact model

lr.products) was created in 2001 in Girona, Spain with the aim of designing and producing top-quality peripheral equipment for the flexible packaging processing industry.

Since then, the essence of our work has remained the same: to offer our customers innovative products that, based on practical experience and the best technical development available, adapt perfectly to their requirements.

Our goal is, therefore, to offer our customers the best in service, quality, innovation and technology.


Peripheral equipment for the production and conversion of flexible packaging.

– Ink viscosity controls
– Automatic ink pH regulation
– Ink temparature control
– Solventless mixers
– Monocomponent metering
– Solvent based mixers
– Automatic flexo wash-up units

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