lr.products) was created in 2001 in Girona, with the aim of designing and producing top quality innovative peripheral equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry.

We currently have equipment installed in many countries around the world, with fully satisfied reference customers. Through an extensive network of representatives and distributors, we are in contact with our customers wherever they are.

We are Positive Industry, the positive industry, members of the group of exporting industries amec.

And we work so that our actions always add to the business ecosystem, society and the planet.

We are committed to:

-Act early for the good of the ecosystem and the community we represent.

-Adapt quickly and in the kindest way to a changing environment.

-Collaborate with companies, entities and society when we can contribute to the collective good.

-Understand that our performance transcends the world,

-Think globally but also act locally.

-Guarantee sustainability as the only path to progress.

A cordial greeting.