tri-2 mixer

AUTOWASH pumping and automatic cleaning


Calibration function with g/m2 or lbs./ream calculation

The density of each component can be entered manually or using the equipment calibration function.
The equipment calculates the coating weight supplied to the laminator after each batch is mixed and applied by the laminator.

Production control

During production it calculates the consumption of each component for the current job, the run length, production times, square meters, etc. The information can be exported to the customer's data network for cost and quality control.

Double safety for mixing

The Special dosing pumps deliver a precise amount of each of the two components to the mixing tank.
The load cells verifies that the dosed quantities have been correct and consistent for the three components.

Total mixing customization

Mixing ratios can be modified according to Adhesive supplier.
The quantities of mixtures are also programmable.
The dynamic mixer stirring speed is adjustable.

Container level control

The unit indicates the remaining level of the components in each container.
The operator must indicate the initial kg in the container.
After each container change, a manual reset must be performed.