MODOS Dispensing Equipment

MODOS dispensing equipment AUTOMATIC MONOCOMPONENTADHESIVE DISPENSINGEQUIPMENT FOR LAMINATIONNO MELTING PLATE DESIGN • Accurate and reliable• Clean and user friendly operation• True melt on demand supply• Maintenance trouble-free• No melting plate• In line g/m2 calculation TRULY NEW WORKING PRINCIPLE  BASED ON GEAR PUMPING TECHNOLOGY The modos-200 equipment is the most advanced technical solution for dispensing mono-component … Leer más

VISCOCHECK control ink equipment

VISCOCHECK control equipment inks AUTOMATIC STABILIZATION OF ALL INK VARIABLES: VISCOSITY / TEMPERATURE / PH BY MEANS OF A SOPHISTICATED ALGORITHM Strong industrial electronics, PLC based, non PC related issues Maintenance and cleaning trouble-free Intuitive software, very easy to operate High quality membrane valves HIGHLY RELIABLE MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE PROVEN IN THE MOST HARSH INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTS … Leer más

AUTOWASH automatic pumping and cleaning

AUTOWASH pumping and automatic cleaning DRASTIC REDUCTION OF WASHING TIMES IN COLORCHANGE WASHING CYCLE DESCRIPTION AUTOWASH wash cycle Ink pumping to the chamber, return by gravity Suction of ink and returning into ink bucket Washing-up with clean solvent Suction of washing-up solvent and returning to the common collector Dirty solvent collector draining AUTOMATIC WASH-UP:CHANGING OVER … Leer más

Sincroclean pumping and automatic cleaning

SINCROCLEAN pumping and automatic cleaning AUTOMATIC INK PUMPING AND ON-PRESS WASH UPSYSTEM WITH ELECTRONICFLOW REGULATION • Volumetric pumps• Reversible ink and cleaning pump system• Eliminates pump pulsation• On-demmand flow regulation• 100% control over the inking process• Eliminates ink foaming problems• Patented technology ACCURATE AND FULL CONTROL OVER THE INKING PROCESSEFFICIENT WASH-UPFULLY AUTOMATIC The lr.products) sincroclean system … Leer más

Bi-2mixer dispensing equipment

BI-2MIXER dispensing equipment AUTOMATIC SOLVENTLESSADHESIVE MIXER AND METERING UNIT FOR LAMINATION • Accurate and reliable• Production control• Automatic g/m2 calculations• “On the fly” ratio changes• Maintenance trouble-free• Several automatic refilling options CONTROL PLUSACCURACY IN MIXING,  WITH MAXIUM RELIABILITY The bi-2 mixer is the most advanced technical solution for solventless adhesive mixing and metering, enabling the … Leer más

Bi-2mixer-mini dispensing equipment

BI-2MIXER MINI dispensing equipment COMPACT & ECONOMICAL  AUTOMATIC SOLVENTLESS ADHESIVE METER MIX – DISPENSE SYSTEM FOR LAMINATION • Accurate and reliable• Consistent Production control• Automatic g/m2 calculations “on the fly” ratio changes• Production data reports• Trouble-free Maintenance• Several automatic refilling options CONTROL PLUS ACCURACY IN MIXING WITH MAXIMUM RELIABILITY The bi-2 mixer MINI is the … Leer más

AUTOWASH bombeo y limpieza automática

AUTOWASH bombeo y limpieza automática TECNOLOGIA MONO-BOMBA NEUMÁTICA REDUCCIÓN DRÁSTICA DE LOS TIEMPOS DE LAVADO EN EL CAMBIO DE COLORES Ciclo de funcionamiento en lavado AUTOWASH Impulsión de tinta en la rasqueta, retorno por gravedad Aspiración de la tinta hasta su retorno en la cubeta correspondiente Lavado con solvente de limpieza Aspiración del solvente de … Leer más